Monday, May 10, 2010

Blast from the Summer of '08

Today, I finished a project that I'd given up for dead. I'm not the only one to feel this way about the project either, everyone who has ever seen me knitting it agreed with me. It was probably never going to get done.

But I had a bit of spare time today, and sat down to try to finish the last mile.

The Nico scarf. A gorgeous bamboo yarn, that cost me over 50 dollars at a time when I barely had two loonies to rub together. It was a bit of a staggering investment at the time, but one I was happy to do for a very special guy.

Nico decided to take me under his wing soon after I broke off a two year relationship with my first serious boyfriend. We met each other at work, bonded over anime, and ended up spending the summer in each others company.

Nico encouraged me to finally file my taxes, take my customer service to a new level, learn to seperate sex from love, and how to find the most flattering styles for my generous ass. He sat with me through my miscarriage, answered the phone at 2 am to listen to me bawl, made my stylist chop my hair off and got me to colour my hair for the first time.

So Nico, here's to that night we spent running around Toronto, celebrating my recent break up with a new hair cut and a night on the town. Here's to singing Katy Perry at the top of our lungs down Queen St, and sitting on the Jack Astor's Patio giggling over the cute waiters. Here's to the morning shift, dancing around each other and trying not to drop everything. Here's to one of my favorite drinking buddies. Here's to Nico overcoming his initial reservations about the new man in my life, and accepting that I love to be in love. Here's to Nico, for still being around today.

Nico, thanks for that amazing summer, my first in Toronto. Thanks for making it so special to me, a summer I'm not likely to forget in a loooong time.

I hope this scarf keeps you warm this year, and that it lasts you for a good long while.

Thanks babe <3