Saturday, December 8, 2012

Very busy

I haven't updated in quite some time...

That's because I've been busy working on my family's blog, Many-Hues Acres. My parents asked me to set up a blog that we can post all of our updates for the land on. So all of my beekeeping, all of my fruit trees and building, are all going to be on that blog from now on.

That leads me to my second excuse for not posting, my jewellery blog Blackmaille Jewellery. I fully ment for this to be a knitting blog on which to post my experiments and patterns, so I need to break it up a bit.

I'm really hoping that this will allow anyone who's following my blog for knitting to not be disappointed with my jewellery posts, or my posts on beekeeping and other land concerns. I do want to keep these blogs up so that people have an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and trials, I just want to make sure that my various followers don't have to dig for thier particular interests.

At any rate, thanks for being so understanding.

I'll be posting updates on my knitting as soon as I can, but lately it's been all Christmas presents! I will hopefully have a fantastic new pattern to release before too long, but as it's for a relative that checks in every now and then... It's going to have to wait till after Christmas.

Thanks everyone, I hope my blog(s) will be a little easier to follow from now on!