Friday, October 28, 2011

When we knit we do it right

Hanging out at home for a couple of days, and I got the opportunity to spend a bit of time out in the studio with my dad.

I was thinking about big ass knitting, knitting with huge needles and recycled T-Shirt yarn. One of the biggest deterrents that I have regarding this is the expense of the needles (which are often short and only available in plastic), and the availability of t-shirts to destroy.

Well, Dad took care of the former quite easily. We stopped by Home Depot and picked out a 3/4 inch dowel that was smooth and lovely, grabbed some furnace filters for the house (gotta make the trip worth it) and ran out to the studio.

Dad started up his amazing lathe, and turned out two perfect needles in under 30 seconds.

Mom then advised me that she actually had a bag of t-shirts out in the trunk of her car that she had been meaning to donate. I haven't turned them into usable yarn yet, but I'll probably be getting that done relatively shortly.

Not a bad few days at home! Still plugging away at Christmas presents, as I finally received my final shipment of yarn from Patons. A lot of the gifts are the same pattern, just to make my life simpler, but they're all knitting with the tender loving care my family has come to associate with my gifts.

Barely said that with a straight face.

Seriously, I came home to a box of lovelyness, and it was everything I could do not to squeal the entire bike ride home. I love knitting gifts for people.

Now, I'm off to buy some rubber balls to go on the ends of my amazing new knitting needles. Far too excited about having sparkly, bouncy and completely handmade knitting needles.


Suka Strife said...

you could take out someone's eye with that.

Gecika said...

All the better to stab you with my pretty!

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