Monday, November 7, 2011

Cabled Wristwarmers

Finally finished with another Christmas present.

This has to be one of my favorite wristwarmer patterns. This is only my second pair, but the cable pattern is easy to memorize, and looks as elegant as all out.

Evangeline has been lurking in my Ravelry Library for quite some time, I saved the pdf back when the pattern was still free (it's 3.00 to download now)

The first time I knit this, I used Bernat Mosaic (which split every time I tried to tighten a cable), but had a beautiful colorway similar to Noro. This time, I'm using Patons Classic Wool, which has beautiful stitch definition and all the colours I could possibly want to chose from.

I apologize for the picture, my partner thinks he's a photographer but he actually sucks. This was the only one of 5 that was actually in focus.

Can't wait to gift these.

The pattern should be relatively easy to play with, I'm thinking that the next pair I make will have a different cable pattern. It would be nice for everyone to receive something unique this Christmas, it's more fun that way. Oh well. These are done, and I've started the next gift. Well on my way for Christmas!

On a seperate note, I caved and bought a knitting DVD the other morning. I've officially passed the point of no return.


3goodrats said...

Those are beautiful!

My guy harbors the same illusion about his photography skills :)

Unknown said...

Why so serious??
Really nice warmers.

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