Friday, February 10, 2012

Saquaro and Jewellery

Well, I'm finally home.

Isn't it just fantastic though?

I've been in Tucson, Arizona for the past week. I had a really good time checking out the cacti, talking with other artists, and eating as much Mexican food as I could stomach without wanting to cry myself to sleep. I met a really fantastic artist who had the booth next to us:

MAKUstudio has some really fantastic and original pieces. She handmakes them all herself, so no two pendants are exactly alike. I couldn't stop wandering over to check out her stuff. I also really liked these guys:

BottleHood recycles glass bottles from liquors and beer, and turns them into jewellery using a kiln. They also make really fantastic cheese platters, display bowls, and lamps! Incredibly neat stuff that really got my mind ticking...

And this is the little darling I whipped up. It's a glass bottle bead (made from Patron Tequila, doncha know) wrapped up with a silk ribbon (From this fancy ass artist: Color Kissed Silk) and one of our exclusive Stones and Findings toggle bars. It only takes a couple of seconds to wrap up, it's easy, simple, and looks fantastic. I'm hoping a lot of people saw it and bought BottleHood's beads!

Not too much knitting completed though. The time difference meant that by the time I was back at the hotel every night, all I wanted to do was sleep. Soon though. I'll take some decent pictures of the gorgeous stones I was able to purchase (oy my VISA bill).


Suka Strife said...

We have a kiln- you should give it a shot sometime. I'll bet you could make really pretty things.

Leah Hughes said...

Yep...lets get that kiln started and see what wonderful things we can create. Haliburton has glass slumping classes that seemed really interesting when I was there viewing what was created in class. I'm just concerned about blow ups. ha ha.
You know how we love bottles. OMG...let's get into your dad's collection. Don't tell him I said that. lol

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