Sunday, July 15, 2012

Buzz Buzz

Saturday was a rough morning.

We headed up bright and early to a beekeeper based in Williamsford, Ontario. We purchased some awesome hives from her two weeks ago:

Which we painted in lots of pretty colours. Saturday, we were heading up to get the bees she'd prepared to send us home with! She was really fantastic, and opened up one of her hives so we could take a look at what we'd be expecting to see. She also let us check out her animals:

We took both of our nucs, which contained 4 frames of bees and thier queen, and headed up to the land. We had two little homes all set up for them:

We were a bit nervous, but the 'unloading' went off without any issues. We'd planned for the worst, and we all had our beesuits on:

But really, we had no trouble at all. This is a really good picture of the comb we got:

All of those capped, light brown cells are baby bees! Very healthy comb here! By the end of the process we were pretty comfortable around the hives. Appleman had NO problem:

They're actually incredibly docile. We could get right up and personal with them, and as long as we didn't make any sudden movements or freak out, we were perfectly fine. Day one, no stings!

Our girls are established, and seemingly quite happy. We'll check up on them in a little bit to see how they're doing.


Suka Strife said...

I'm super proud to be related to you guys.

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