Saturday, August 4, 2012


Sunday was a busy day up at Many Hues... Dad and I decided we were going to find the north-east corner of our property. First, we checked on the bees.

This worried me a little bit... But they're all larva stage bees. Once I opened up the hive, I saw that they have TONS of worker brood capped in the hive, so there's lots of baby bees that'll be appearing shortly to make up for the dead larva. The hive is only 2 weeks old, maybe they couldn't quite feed these guys yet. After we checked the bees, Dad and I went hiking:

Dad  asked my to hold his machete sheath. No problem dad!

Original farm fence at the back of the pond...

This would have been  a gate here. You can actually see this gate on Google Earth!

Dad standing in the gate, punishing a tree.

I'm pretty sure this is where I dropped dad's sheath. At least I have a land mark... right?

Success! We found it!

Well, turns out we didn't. Somehow we made a huuuuge arch across the land and ended up just slightly west of the south east corner. This was a surveyers stake that they put in to help mark the property's boundary. Well, at least we found something right?

Oh yeah, I also found this:


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