Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't startle a fledgling sweater

Shh, you'll scare it away if you laugh.

I've promised it that it'll grow up to be a sweater, I promised.

My sister loves my broken arm sweater, so I told her I would knit her one if she bought the yarn. She bought Bernat Cotton. I hate this stuff so much, it makes my fingers smell funky.

But it seems to knit up ok. I just have to sew the side seams, the sleeve seams, then knit the cowl neck. (this is the 'Cowl' from 'Cowl and Howl' set) My sister wants a hood, so I have to figure that part out still. I have a method in my head that's working perfectly, just have to make the knitting work.

Also, my boss loves this sweater and wants one. So I'll have to figure that out too. Hurray!


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