Monday, June 2, 2014

Kilt Hose, Take Two

I do get a certain satisfaction out of knitting socks.

When it's sexy long socks for man legs? Even better.

I actually really enjoy knitting in the summer, because I can knit outside. The sunlight is great for photos, I get a lovely breeze, and it's just very soothing for me.

It's less soothing when curious by-passers come over and fondle my knitting. Generally, I enjoy when people ask about my knitting. I love giving them a couple of thoughts on getting started, some resources I've found useful, and the chance to convert someone!

I was, however, a bit put off by the woman that stopped by to fondle these babies. She sounded pretty interested until she picked it up:

"Oh, it's a sock? Not many people do that anymore." She sniffed slightly, apparently miffed that I was working on such a mundane project.

"Oh, that's a common mistake. It's actually a willy warmer."

Well, that got her attention. She hustled off pretty quickly after that.

I might be going to hell, but I'll have a lovely pair of knee-highs to wear there.


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