Monday, July 27, 2009


There isn't much to tell for an introductory post really. I've spent the last year trying to reclaim myself from a pretty bad relationship, one that lasted far longer then it really should have. During that relationship I gave up doing almost everything I loved; my knitting, my jewelry, cooking, reading, even playing my violin. About a year ago that relationship ended, and I've spent the time since then throwing myself headfirst into all the things I really love to do. The first three months of that was spent in perpetual hangover, after-movie daze, and daily chores like work and school. Around October/November I discovered a new community in Toronto, and also started a new relationship with a man who'd encouraged my hangovers and debauchery of the past three months. With this new relationship, I also rediscovered my love of cooking and knitting, which I've been indulging in ever since. The past month has really launched me back into my knitting, as well as playing my violin. I'm trying to rediscover everything I'd lost during a bad relationship, and to help my talents grow. Hopefully this blog is going to be an outpouring of that rediscovery. So.. here's to learning something new every opportunity I can!


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