Sunday, December 4, 2011

In which Abby gets a new outfit

It's been a very busy two weeks for me, and it's been hard for me to work on anything that isn't mindless. Luckily, I already had a project started from a Stitch and Bitch two weeks ago.

Abby's a classy bitch.

This is a gift I'm working on for a present, it's a purely acrylic blend. I've knitted the yarn held double, in seed stitch, to make sure it's extra warm. I really love that I have a bust to display it on now! I'm pretty sure she's cold though, might leave her that cowl for a little bit.

This cowl needed a lot of stitch markers on a US 15 circular. So I just had to make some stitch markers too.

Aren't they cute? The orange ones are recycled from a bracelet my Dad bought for me while on a family vacation. I ate an entire jalepeno pepper for that bracelet, which I promptly smashed as soon as I got home while throwing a baseball at someone (true story). The purple ones are from a kit my Mom bought me years ago. They all work beautifully.

So.. That's my busy as hell two weeks in a row. Next up, my latest chart..Better start working.


Suka Strife said...

Hey I remember you eating that pepper! I got a prize anyways, even though I didn't eat it. haha.


Gecika said...

I'm fairly certain you licked it.

I got the raw end of the deal.

Leah Hughes said...

Yep...remember those days when you kids would do anything for a present. ha ha. The cowl is really nice...beautiful colour choice.

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